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Australian medical students keen on careers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology will be interested in attending the PVOGS (Pre-Vocational Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society) O&G Interest Seminar on Saturday 13th May, 2017 at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.


Registrations will open on 3rd April 2017, so jump over to the PVOGS Facebook page and give it a "Like" in order to be kept up to date with this Seminar and how to register


For now, save the date in your calendar!

Public Cervix Announcement!

This article is a great explainer of the evidence-based changes to Cervical Cancer screening in Australia, which will begin from in December 2017.


The new test is more accurate, and you won't have to have them as often, one test every 5 years instead of every 2!

Have a read and share it with all the women in your life so they're up to speed on the changes!

NSW Abortion Law Reform - a blog post by Sarah (31/01/2017)


Other Australian States and Territories have decriminalised abortion and enacted safe access zones around clinics providing abortion in order to prevent patients and staff being harassed by protestors.


So why is abortion still illegal in NSW?


Abortion remains unambiguously defined in the Crimes Act (1900) Sections 82-83 - making it illegal for both the woman involved and anyone assisting in the process (i.e. her doctor). These crimes can attract a 10 year jail term. It does occur in NSW of course, but is only able to take place due to a District Court case ruling from 1971 that makes it lawful if a doctor believes that an abortion is required to avoid a "serious danger to the pregnant woman's life or to her physical or mental health"


This obviously puts it in a precarious legal position which therefore impacts upon the provision of abortion services in NSW. While it remains illegal as per the Crimes Act 1900, many medical practitioners are likely to be reluctant to work in this area, and the legal uncertainty and stigma associated with it being a "crime" severely impact upon the ability of women to access appropriate health care services. For example, abortion clinics in NSW are primarily privately owned, expensive, and located in Sydney, making abortion particularly difficult for poorer women and women living in regional and rural NSW to access. It is not routinely provided through the public health system.


Dr Mehreen Faruqi has introduced a private member's bill to remove abortion from the Crimes Act. This bill will be up for debate in parliament some time this year. We need your help to support this reform.


You can take action by emailing your local MP via the End 12 website, or find their contact details here.

You might also like to write to the newly appointed Minister for Women, whose job it is to champion women's rights, but who stated in her first press conference that she is "personally pro-life" and has previously supported the foetal personhood bill "Zoe's Law", which would actually further cement abortion in the Crimes Act.


Visit the End 12 Website to learn more about the campaign to decriminalise abortion in NSW.


SUOGS will be hosting an Abortion Seminar event early in 2017 so that medical students can learn more about what is involved. We will have experts speaking about the procedure itself, what happens before and after treatment, complications, and the current legislative status surrounding abortion in NSW.

Keep an eye on our Events page for further details.


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