Public Cervix Announcement: Upcoming Events in 2022

  • Abortion Information Seminar 
  • Trivia Night 
  • O&G Skills Workshop
  • Careers Night

Past Events


Dear Dolly Doctor...

21st September, 2021


A blast from the past with the notorious Dolly Doctor sealed section. In this Q&A, we chatted to the Dolly Doctor herself, Dr Melissa Kang, about all things sexual health and adolescence. 


Maternal Indigenous Health Seminar

25th August, 2021


The importance of being culturally safe cannot be overstated, especially in the perinatal context. However, exactly how to achieve this is difficult to grasp.


Dr Caetlin Jopson offered her insights from her vast experience in Indigenous health for 20+ years. She has worked for 7 years with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Torres Strait for women's health clinics. Over the last 4 years, she runs a Multidisciplinary Diabetes and Weight Management Clinic in General Practice. 


Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Seminar

26th May, 2021


From the recent events and protest marches in Canberra to the re-thinking of how we teach consent, whether it is in medical practice or our personal lives, we will all be faced with the need to address sexual assault and domestic violence at some point.



Our 3 speakers were: 

  • Dr Ellie Freedman - Medical Director at Northern Sydney Sexual Assault Service
  • A/Prof Dr Susan Heward-Belle - senior lecturer on domestic and family violence at University of Sydney 
  • Lavender Bates - Domestic and Family Violence case manager at Lou's Place, a long-standing community-based women's refuge in Kings Cross.


Sexual Wellness Seminar

21st April, 2021


SUOGS first ever Sexual Wellness seminar featured two speakers:

  • Dr Lesley Yee - Sexual Health physician for over 30 years
  • Dr Kate White - PhD

Women's, non-binary and trans sexual health, particularly emphasizing a positive fulfilling sex life, is unfortunately all too often a "taboo" topic within society and the medical community.


SUOGS is hoping to help break those barriers by opening the discussion on sexuality, the sexual response cycle, and sexual pleasure. Furthermore, challenges such as sexual pain and dissatisfaction are critically underrecognized as these are not routinely taught, even within OB/GYN training programs, leaving many people with clitorises and vaginas to question, "Am I normal?", or assume there is no help for painful sex.


Abortion Information Seminar

10th March, 2021


We hosted three online lectures by passionate advocates of women's reproductive rights: 

  • Dr Mehreen Faruqi: Greens Senator for NSW and Spokesperson for Anti-racism, Education, Housing, Industry and Animal Welfare
  • Dr Salina Jamani: specialist GP in sexual and reproductive health
  • Dr Rahul Chatterjee: O&G registrar providing insights onto abortion care in the public health system and rural areas. 

View the recording here.


SUOGS Annual General Meeting 

8th Feb, 2021


  • Featured the 2021 Executive
  • Elected the subcommittee members



SUOGS' Careers Night 

14th October, 2020 


We were excited to host an in-person career's night, providing 25 students with the opportunity to network with some big names in ObGyn



Trivia Night for Endometriosis Australia

8th October, 2020


Teams of five zoomed in for an action-packed night of questions to win superb prizes and raise money for Endometriosis Australia. 


Special Guest Quiz Masters included A/Prof Suzanne Ollerenshaw and Dr Peter Bland.


SUOGS' Careers Night

27th August, 2019


Students heard about various career and training pathways to leading RANZCOG clinicians and were able to ask their burning questions!

  • Dr Vijay Roach - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and current President of RANZCOG. Chairman of the Gidget Foundation.
  • Dr Peter Bland - obstetrician and gynaecologist and training supervisor at RNSH.
  • A/Prof Kirsten Black - academic gynaecologist at the University of Sydney, joint head of Discipline of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Neonatology.
  • Dr Chloe Champion de Crespigny and Dr Liz Correy - 2nd year registrars on RANZCOG training program.


SUOGS Reproductive Rights and Maternal Health Seminar: Doctors without Borders and Family Planning NSW 

3rd August, 2020


  • Dr Jenny Yang - Doctors without Borders
  • A/Prof Deborah Bateson - Medical Director at Family Planning NSW

View the recording of the seminar here.



Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Seminar

9th June, 2020


Medical students zoomed in for our first Online Event of the year.


Dr Sue Heward-Belle provided a lecture on domestic and family violence. 

Dr Mary Stewart informed us on sexual assault and forensic analysis. 


View the recording here.


Clinical Skills Workshop

10th October, 2017


Our first O&G skills workshop gave an introduction to obstetrics and gynaecology through four unique stations:

  • IUD insertion demonstration from Mirena
  • Suturing practice
  • Speculum Examination
  • Stages of labour & blood loss estimation


Maternal Health in Indigenous Communities

27th July, 2017


We had the opportunity to have Dr. Sue Jacobs speak on the factors underlying disparities in obstetric and gynaecological health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous women.


Dr. Jacobs' shared success stories from her experience at her gynaecology clinic at the Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service.